The SAFARI project aims to identify how a holistic Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) concept interlinks and supports the FLEGT and/or REDD+ initiatives, to analyse their current and possible future impacts, foster their operability on all levels and to demonstrate the multiple benefits of SFM.

As SFM is an underlying objective in REDD+ and FLEGT, SAFARI will analyse the links on national and local level that SFM concepts can provide between the two initiatives especially with reference to the REDD+ Warsaw Framework and existing FLEGTā€VPA processes.

The aim is to identify opportunities for synergies between these processes at national and local levels. In addition the project works towards an open, comprehensive and flexible framework for (national) forest information systems that countries or regions could adopt for reporting and informing of REDD+, FLEGT and SFM interventions.

The SAFARI project will study the experiences of developing and implementing the FLEGT and REDD+ processes in selected countries (Indonesia, Suriname/Guyana and DR-Congo). Based on these experiences, the project will deduct and document knowledge and lessons learned. The body of knowledge to be developed should help other countries with developing their capacities for participating in FLEGT and/or REDD+ processes.