Project structure

Project structure, work package contents and outreach


WP1: Project Management, Coordination, Outreach, and Syntheses
Work package 1 will monitor the progress of work package activities, ensure the timely preparation of deliverables, coordinate outreach activities, and provide a close link and information exchange between SURF, EFI EU FLEGT Facility and EFI EU REDD Facility, other key organisations involved in the design and implementation of REDD+ and FLEGT, as well as with BMEL. In the last six months of the project it will focus on the synthesis and dissemination of the results.

WP 2: Structured review of REDD+, FLEGT, SFM – Identification of case studies, links and gaps, with special focus on the case study countries.
WP2 will analyse the provisions of SFM as stipulated through the NLBI (Non Legally Binding Instruments) with special consideration given to issues relating to the contexts of FLEGT and REDD+ and, if necessary and appropriate to other international conventions, identify gaps and fields for improvement and elaborate on the potential added value of a stronger linkage between the instruments. WP 2 will be mainly carried out as a desk study building upon the available knowledge. All information will be integrated into the REDD+, FLEGT, SFM information database so that it will be available and open for updates through the SURF secretariat for all partners and interested stakeholders even after the completion of the project.

WP 3: Information System for REDD+, FLEGT, SFM – Case study in Suriname
In close collaboration with the Suriname partner organisations CELOS and SBB, WP3 will provide a methodology for a comprehensive National Forest Information System that strengthens the synergies among different assessment regimes and facilitates the provision of cost efficient, transparent, accurate and coherent information.

WP 4:  Impact of REDD+, FLEGT and SFM at national and local level – Case studies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia
WP 4 will analyse case studies of SFM, REDD+ and FLEGT implementation in countries that are advancing on both FLEGT and REDD+. It will explore whether the potential synergies between SFM, REDD+ and FLEGT are realised in practice in these REDD+ and VPA implementation countries and document the learnings from projects promoting SFM.