Jan 31, 2017

SAFARI field work continues in Suriname

Ms. Anna Vorländer, PhD candidate and SAFARI research associate (University of Hamburg) will be working in Suriname from 31 January to 31 March to continue the project’s field work in the region.

During the field trip, Ms Vorländer will visit government entities and non-government agencies engaged in Suriname National REDD+ Programme. She will visit forest management concessions where reduced impact logging, log-tracking system and forest certification schemes have been implemented and practiced. Ms Vorländer will also discuss with the experts involved in forest resource assessment, e.g., national forest inventory, and forest management activities, SFM and biodiversity in particular.

During the field trip, options for integrating country reporting requirements (and practice standards) for REDD+, forestry concessions and national forest inventory will be explored.

The SAFARI project aims to identify how a holistic Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) concept interlinks and supports the FLEGT and/or REDD+ initiatives, to analyse their current and possible future impacts, foster their operability on all levels and to demonstrate the multiple benefits of SFM.

concession site

Full pre-harvest inventory at concession site (Soekhoe&Zonen N.V.) in Suriname, July 2016. Photo: Anna Katharina Vorländer.

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Dr Prem Raj Neupane

Ms Anna Vorländer